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Poor school districts denied again

Today Gov. Quinn signed a law that would, according to his press release, require “the history of the United States taught in public schools reinforce the role and contributions of Hispanics.” It also requires that textbooks on American History include events such as “the forceful removal and illegal deportation of Mexican-American U.S. citizens during the Great Depression.”

Not mentioned, of course, is that they weren’t the only group deported or encouraged to deport. Also not mentioned was that there was a high proportion of illegal Mexican immigrants in that group we’ll soon learn about.

During the 1930’s 41% of the Mexican population returned to Mexico, voluntarily and involuntarily, but the number of Mexicans was only 236,000, compared to the much lower percentage of Germans who left, under the same conditions, yet produced a much higher number of actual departees. Only 23% of the Germans left but the number of actual people leaving was 371,000.

Perhaps Quinn should be sure to include that in his progressive law.

This same idea was proposed in California and Schwartzenagger vetoed it. He wanted general knowledge to be concentrated on. What a concept. That was what grade school was for. A good foundation. High school was to delve deeper into that foundation, general math to geometry, algebra, calculus.

Isn’t specialized study what college was for?

Teaching the Irish Famine is optional under the School Code, yet the famine Irish cleared the malarial swamps in Louisiana, built the “el,” the tunnels, laid the water and sewage pipes, dug the Sanitary Canal, etc. But again, their contributions are optional.

Forty-one percent of the Irish also left during the 1930’s. Same percentage as the Mexicans, under the same conditions. But we needn’t be sure our school children know that Europeans were targeted as well.

African-Americans escaped deportation because they were dragged here against their will, unlike Mexicans and Europeans who came voluntarily.

Personally, I’d rather have them teach us about every treaty Illinois signed with the Native Americans. I’d like to know which we violated and what reparations we gave the victims. I’d also like to know where the huge Native American population of Illinois went because we have no reservations but we had four or five tribes in Northern Illinois. Rogers Ave. in Rogers Park actually follows the treaty line with hte Pottawatomie Indians.

Did they leave the state voluntarily? I doubt it.

Can we put that in the history books Gov. Quinn?

Well, for the public school districts in Chicago and elsewhere, who don’t have current history books, I guess you’ll be missing out on this very important topic in your history classes.

I hope for their sake that they don’t have to answer questions about it on the ISAT test.That would be discriminatory in every sense of the word.

By the way Gov. Quinn, you signed a bill that cut the MAP funding for college kids in half, now you lobby to have it funded and blame its demise on the legislature. Isn’t that just a bit disingenuous?

At the same time that you are demanding the legislature fund the financial aid cut that you signed into law, you sign a bill into law that will cost the public school systems to replace their textbooks to fulfill this mandate.

We’re broke, guy. The Mexican history issue isn’t that critical, but being able to pay for college is. Where are your priorities? Would you have even considered this Mexican learning initiative if you weren’t running for reelection?

And Gov. Quinn, I would have preferred that you mandate that every single school in Illinois have current textbooks for their students, and enough textbooks for each child to have one, and that each and every school be in a building that has running water, bathrooms that work, and walls with intact paint.

You know, minor details that create an environment to learn.

Are the immigrant marches a public health hazard? Take the poll

CEO of drug enterprise busted in Winnetka – updated

Yes, the darlings of Winnetka have done it again. a mere two blocks from New Trier High School, the training ground for the future CEO’s of America, an enterprising 21 year old, Mark Elliot Mansheim, was arrested Wednesday and charged with “production of marijuana plants, marijuana possession and manufacture of marijuana, all felonies,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Officers executed the search warrant on the home about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday and found 75 marijuana plants “and further evidence of the production, use and distribution of [marijuana],” the release said. Also found in the home, according to the release, were growing stations, including tents equipped with lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems.

This was a breaking news story. When they get around to investigating further, like, for example, why this kid has a setup like this in his house and his parents weren’t arrested too, they will find more interesting information.

The house has been transferring hands nearly every year since 2003 when it was bought by Evelyn A. Liberis for $770,000 and quit claimed to 384 Hawthorne LLC for $0.00 in 2003, and then quit claimed and mortgaged nearly every year between Evelyn, 384 Hawthorne LLC, multiple banks,  Thomas and Melissa  Mansheim, who bought it from 384 Hawthorne LLC for $2.57 million in 2006, Steven and Constance Fapka (who took out a $1.5 million mortgage in 2008 while the Mansheim’s owned it) and somehow it ended up back with the LLC and corrected to show the Mansheim’s as owners.

The LLC lists Lloyd Gussis as the agent and the principal office as 1101 Fisher Lane in Winnetka. The managers are Kasey Tamara, Leslie Struthers and, you got it, Evelyn A. Liberis.

Makes you wonder if young Mark may be taking the fall for  what would seem to be a criminal enterprise involving Mom, Dad and who knows who these other people are.

Lovely living in the North Shore. Great neighbors. Wonderful place to raise your kids.

The newpaper’s forums are betting he gets 100 hours of community service.

I’d have the FBI investigate the whole enterprise. I’d bet it doesn’t stop there.

Wilmette Police press release


A poster, dotherightthing, has this first hand account to offer.

first of all it wasn’t 75 plants. It was 4 plants and 71 germinated–which is basically the seed in soil. People are making it sound like he had a forest growing in his basement.

Always good to hear both sides of the story. You decide.

Sears Tower gets a new name…..

The Willis Tower……..hahahahahahahaha

Hate to tell these people but they aren’t going to succeed in branding themselves with anything in Chicago.

Two years after Macy’s renamed Marshall Fields we were still protesting and trying to get them to change it back.

And Fields was just a department store.

They changed Comiskey Park to U.S. Cellular Field…..what?

Just thinking about changing Wrigley Field’s name caused outcry.

But you think you can change the name of our once tallest building in the world and expect us to cooperate?

Couple of years from now, we’ll see how that worked out for them….:)

CBS and 60 Minutes tell the truth

On Sunday, January 25, I was surprised to see 60 minutes actually calling the Israelis out on their practices in the West Bank which have been likened to apartheid.

Here is the video

Here is the story where you can comment

Please do. And let CBS know that you want to see more of this type of content which was produced by Robert Anderson. I have a difficult time seeing this country, Israel, as being touted as the “democracy” of the Middle East. There is nothing democratic about taking over these people houses, their lands, and allowing these viral settlers to spew their hatred and continuously disobey their government and international laws.

Perhaps if Israel can’t control the settlers, they should just be prosecuted by the ICC for war crimes. It’s illegal for an occupying army to settle their own people in occupied land and the settler leader seemed clear that they would rebuild, rebuild, rebuild and revolt if anyone tried to dismantle their settlements.

Sorry, just doesn’t seem like a Judeo value.

Petition to investigate war crimes in Gaza

There is currently a petition online to appeal for an investigation into war crimes in the latest Israeli incursion into Gaza. There is mounting evidence that white phosphorous bombs were dropped on the civilian population centers, not to mention the destruction of the three UN facilities.

The petition is here. Sign it if you see fit.

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