State Department asks Americans what our foreign policy objectives should be

The newly revamped State Department website, or “America 2.0” as the Red Eye in Chicago calls the Obama administration, has a new feature called DIPNOTE, which is a State Department blog.

The question of the week is: What Foreign Policy Objectives Should the Obama Administration Establish as its Top Priorities?

Answer it!!! Several people have already mentioned the Israeli/Palestine issue, but we must be direct.

I suggest the following line items:

  1. Insist the blockade be lifted to allow humanitarian aid and items intrinsic to economic survival into Palestine immediately
  2. Immediately halt the building of all settlements and begin the dismantling of all “outposts”
  3. Immediately investigate whether the using of phosphorous bombs in civilian areas is a violation of the Arms Export Control Act and punish accordingly if it is.
  4. Immediately work to engage Hamas and Fatah and get them on the same page – without both entities, there will never be peace
  5. Immediately get assurances from both Hamas and Fatah that any violations of the ceasefire by militants on either side will result in arrests and trial in accordance with the Palestinian Constitution not tribal law
  6. Freeze all aid and arms shipments to Israel until significant progress has been made towards the first two points
  7. Engage the international community to provide security for the checkpoints and remove all access requests from Israeli control
  8. Put the international community in charge of determining what aid gets into Gaza. It should not be an Israeli decision as they state they are no longer “occupying” the country.
  9. Send Americans into Gaza to determine what aid we could provide to rebuild their country and help their people. I would suggest evaluating the role wind and solar power could play in the rebuilding process, so they are no longer completely dependent on fuel and electricity from Israel
  10. Engage the Palestinian and Israeli business communities as they have the most at stake and are the best able to assist in rebuilding decisions

The link is here. Don’t worry if you are not from the U.S., other foreign nationals have already commented, and frankly, we need to engage the world after the last eight years.

If you like my ideas, feel free to copy and paste them. If you have other ideas – please – go for it. Every little bit helps., but make it constructive, no tirades about the past or blame or anything else. You get more traction that way.


History of Palestine as told by world bodies

I am putting several links on my blog so that people who are interested can read the history of the conflict from uninterested third parties who also happen to have the original documents and maps regarding this issue.

Please take the time to educate yourself. There’s far too little fact-based information out there and way too much opinion disguised as fact.




Resolution 181

Resolution 242

Resolution 3236

More history

More history

More history

Resolution 338

Resolution 1397

Read the history, decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

Down with the talking heads!!!

Dennis Kucinich is calling for a cease fire – support his efforts

Support Rep. Kucinich’s resolution calling for cease fire in Gaza. Groups wishing to endorse the Kucinich resolution should send their endorsement directly to his Congressional office at:

Some things never change……

Top U.S. and European officials called Wednesday for an end to the violence in Israel and Lebanon and the establishment of an international force to keep the peace – but they did not unanimously call for an immediate cease-fire or provide details on the proposed force.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who had been under pressure to lean on Israel to end its two-week-old offensive, maintained that any cease-fire must be “sustainable” and that there could be “no return to the status quo ante.”Her wording suggested continued U.S. support for Israel’s demand that the violence must end with the Hezbollah militia disarmed or at least removed from its border.

“We are working toward a cease-fire that would not allow a re-establishment of the status quo … where Hamas could launch rockets,” Rice said. “It’s obvious that a cease-fire should take place as soon as possible but we want a cease-fire that is durable and sustainable.”

Perhaps the press should just cut and paste the comments from the Lebanon war…… just never changes

A settler from Jerusalem gets a ticket – but I don’t!!

Angry Arab News Service reports that Ariel Lang will be at the Inauguration of Barack Obama. Who is he?

Monday, January 12, 2009
Settler at Inauguration
“President-and vice president-elect Barak Obama and Joe Biden will be there – and so will Ariel Lang, a 22-year-old resident of a small settlement near Jerusalem, who has been officially invited to attend the presidential inauguration in Washington on January 20.”
Posted by As’ad

Sorry. I wanted a ticket. I asked my Congress people. I wrote the essay. How did this guy get a ticket? And what message are we sending to the Middle East….the settlements are ok?

Please. Time to go to Camp Hope by Obama’s house. 8 am – 5 pm…….paint a mural in support of Gaza!! Good thing I have tomorrow off anyway.

What if everyone refused to fight?

POLL: Should the U.S. support the current bombing campaign in Gaza?

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