CEO of drug enterprise busted in Winnetka – updated

Yes, the darlings of Winnetka have done it again. a mere two blocks from New Trier High School, the training ground for the future CEO’s of America, an enterprising 21 year old, Mark Elliot Mansheim, was arrested Wednesday and charged with “production of marijuana plants, marijuana possession and manufacture of marijuana, all felonies,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Officers executed the search warrant on the home about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday and found 75 marijuana plants “and further evidence of the production, use and distribution of [marijuana],” the release said. Also found in the home, according to the release, were growing stations, including tents equipped with lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems.

This was a breaking news story. When they get around to investigating further, like, for example, why this kid has a setup like this in his house and his parents weren’t arrested too, they will find more interesting information.

The house has been transferring hands nearly every year since 2003 when it was bought by Evelyn A. Liberis for $770,000 and quit claimed to 384 Hawthorne LLC for $0.00 in 2003, and then quit claimed and mortgaged nearly every year between Evelyn, 384 Hawthorne LLC, multiple banks,  Thomas and Melissa  Mansheim, who bought it from 384 Hawthorne LLC for $2.57 million in 2006, Steven and Constance Fapka (who took out a $1.5 million mortgage in 2008 while the Mansheim’s owned it) and somehow it ended up back with the LLC and corrected to show the Mansheim’s as owners.

The LLC lists Lloyd Gussis as the agent and the principal office as 1101 Fisher Lane in Winnetka. The managers are Kasey Tamara, Leslie Struthers and, you got it, Evelyn A. Liberis.

Makes you wonder if young Mark may be taking the fall for  what would seem to be a criminal enterprise involving Mom, Dad and who knows who these other people are.

Lovely living in the North Shore. Great neighbors. Wonderful place to raise your kids.

The newpaper’s forums are betting he gets 100 hours of community service.

I’d have the FBI investigate the whole enterprise. I’d bet it doesn’t stop there.

Wilmette Police press release


A poster, dotherightthing, has this first hand account to offer.

first of all it wasn’t 75 plants. It was 4 plants and 71 germinated–which is basically the seed in soil. People are making it sound like he had a forest growing in his basement.

Always good to hear both sides of the story. You decide.


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  1. Dont be so quick to judge the parents had nothing to do with it. Like this has never happened in the past. Leave your two sense out of articles that are supposed to be factual.

  2. Sorry anonymous, but 75 plants and grow tents take up an enormous amount of space…and smell. The grow lights suck up electricity. If they didn’t know, they are living under a rock, or possibly in the backyard.

    If they did know, and did nothing – well, that’s conspiracy and sorry excuses for parents.

    And it’s two cents…..

  3. how about the kid didnt even have 75 plants to begin with and the cops over exaggerated everything. I hate editors who have no idea what is the true story is and write bull shit

  4. You should actually hate police who “over exaggerated” everything,, not editors who read their press releases….

  5. who ever wrote this article is a complete idiot and knows nothing

  6. first of all it wasn’t 75 plants. It was 4 plants and 71 germinated–which is basically the seed in soil. People are making it sound like he had a forest growing in his basement. I’m very close with Mark and he is one of the best people in this world. He has an amazing heart and he doesn’t deserve people saying un true things about him when you dont actually even know him.
    and remember – we are talking about WEED plants. not some meth lab — and keep in mind that WEED can be smoked without consequences almost everywhere besides the united states. there are so many things that you people should be worrying about. how about people that put other lives at harm. lets get serious.

  7. Drama Drama Drama, I think it is funny! I don’t smoke but I guess those science classes are paying off at NT! I grew up here and walk by that house every time I go to the dog beach. I thought I smelled something.

  8. dotherighthing, thanks for writing. What I had to go on is the press release which, I’m sure you’ll agree, on its face, looks bad. This information, which I will post as an update, tells a different story but raises more questions as well.

    Were the plants for personal use? Why did he have tents and irrigation equipment, or was it a hose and a fan? How much space did this take up, a small closet, walk-in closet, empty room, basement? Were the four plants mature?

    And what made the cops go to his house in the first place?

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your position on weed, but minority kids go to jail for this everyday. Why should he be an exception?

    You think it’s unfair, change it – for everyone.

  9. I love you Mark, I’m waiting for you to come home, I miss you and I’m worried sick.

  10. The media is blowing this whole thing out of proportion, i can tell you that that is a FACT. I dont know how they can count seeds or leaves placed in soil as 70 marijuana plants, lets be serious. Wonder why they aren’t telling how big the grow room really was? because it would be WAY too obvoius that it would not be able to hold 75 marijuana plants. i love that they can just leave information out, or emphasize certain points to make this case be what THEY want it to be, and not what it is in reality. This is winnetka and they are trying to make this HUGE, and they have the capability to do so, which breaks my heart that mark has to be exploited like this. Mark has nothing but good intentions, he would never in a million years want people to think he was some big drug lord, thats not what this was ever about. All of you people can think what you want, but for those who know the truth and know mark, know that a lot of the things being published are very over exaggerated. we love you. i love you.

  11. also, for those of you thinking, “well those 70 seeds were going to BECOME plants, why did he even plant that many to begin with” – for anyone who gardens, you should know that out of those 70, maybe 3 or 4 would become actual plants.

  12. I know mark and all about this investigation. It wasn’t even seeds that were about to be germinated, maybe some, but few. He had probably a total of four or five legit plants and then he had some clones that were beginning to take their roots. These clones can be very easily disrupted and die, so he had to make a lot of them. However, a lot does not mean 70 plants. If at all he might have had around twenty of these clones, tops, going at a time and few would have survived. this kid does not have an entire basement full of plants, rather a small room that could hold up to ten plants maximum at a time. He never even had ten plants going at a time, rather three or four. He didn’t need 75 plants because he wasn’t some big dealer that supplied everyone at new trier. He only had a few plants going at a time, just remember that.

    • Sorry, nice try Mrs. M, I’d recognize your attempt to excuse Mark’s behavior anywhere, you’ve been doing it for years. It’s about time he got what’s coming to him. He keeps shorting me on bags anyway. Moreover I know Mr. M has been pissed about the electric bill for a couple of years now.

  13. Found this online can’t get anymore detail underforeclosure


    • Their house’s Sheriff’s Sale was approved on March 16, 2009. They’ve issued an order for possessoin. I think it’s sold. Mark just added a whole new dimension to their already sad and complicated lives.

      Very thoughtful to endanger their house like he did.It could’ve have potentially seized as an asset, if they decided the parents knew (or does the law account for should have known), but as it is, it’s as good as seized.

      He wasn’t selling to NT students (or the whole school anyway), but if he had 4 plants, he had the potential for four pounds……that’s a lot for personal use.

  14. People can say what they want because they believe what they hear, that is the problem with society. People sit on their asses and read magazines, watch the news and are so quick to believe what they are told. Didn’t we are learn in highschool that its called gossip/drama/exaggeration? One Plant turns into 5, 5 turns into 50, and so forth. I know Mark personally and he was an amazing person, I hadnt even known him for long but he was one of the best people I have ever met. Pot is yes illegal, but it’s better for you then cigarettes and alcohol..and he never sold it to any one it was grown for fun as an experiment not to sell to NT students or any one else. It was in a closet like spot and any parents could not known just like they dont know when their kid sneaks out at night or when they get a bad grade on a test. Things can be hidden. and for people to say they walk past the house and smell it..come on we all know that’s just someone messing around because we all known thats not possible. I would be more upset if I caught my kid smoking cigarettes vs smoking pot. Does any one disagree with me on that one? I know him and his family and they do not deserve the media exploiding them. This isn’t people magazine gossip, this is lives, careers, and futures of young people, they make mistakes but people need to move on..I love you Mark! You’ll be home safe soon

  15. I agree that this is not fair. Even if this was true does the family deserve the media? They made no mistake and what about the implications on siblings?. Mr and mrs mansheim are great people and almost a second family to me. they dont deserve this. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  16. I’m not judging anyone, and no I don’t know the whole story, but it’s like the commercial says, when you go to jail, everyone goes with you.

    Mark made a choice, he’s 21, not a kid,he knew the consequences if he got caught, whether he was dealing or not, it’s illegal regardless. If he didn’t know the consequences, he’s an idiot.

    Do I agree with these laws. Not particularly, yet they exist. We can’t pick the laws we choose to obey.

    Now did Mark think about the effect this would have on anyone else? Probably not. He probably figured he’d never get caught, most people who commit crimes figure that. And a lot of them are at Cook County Jail.

    They all bet wrong.They got caught. Many of them are probably great people too. They left families behind, and siblings, who had to deal with this. What makes you think Mark’s so different from them? The jails are full of nice people who got caught with drugs. believe it or not.

    And why should he be exempt from media attention? No one else is.

    Let’s face it. Many of you posting here have an intimate knowledge of how to grow the plants. If he has clones, it’s not the first harvest he’s had. He gets about $6-8000 a pound or about $10,000 if he sells by the gram. He grows his own, that’s pure profit.

    If his parents didn’t know, they should have. And if they did and thought it was harmless, how naive can you get? They’re in their 40’s. Somehow I don’t think that naive….

  17. The only reason anyone is making a big deal about this is cause it happened in Winnetka so now it’s some big scandel. This happens everywhere and if this happened downtown this would never make the news. It’s pathetic that the media is making such a big deal of it. Also he wasnt growing a forest and I know this because I’ve being in that basement and I have never seen or had any idea of what was happening untill it was in the paper.

    • Yes, because it happened in Winnetka. And drug busts are covered in the paper no matter where they happen, but if it’s a minority it’s a ho-hum kind of incident. But Winnetka, where the creme de la creme live?

      And besides, why shouldn’t he be subject to media scrutiny, or his parents who were asleep at the wheel, because it’s Winnetka?

      Kind of illustrates the study that showed the majority of drug USERS are white, but they are always the LEAST likely to get arrested and/or convicted.

      Was he using? Who knows, but I can just about guarantee he isn’t cloning ‘dro for his customers on the west side…..

  18. Stop getting into the Mansheims personal life. It’s ridiculous. Put yourself in their shoes. they are obviously going through a lot right now and if you were to find out people were talking about your house being foreclosed- you’d freak out. It’s just unnecessary. and not to mention very dis-respectful.
    It upsets me that there are so many people that like to gossip and get into other peoples business. The only reason why you do that is to make you feel better about your own life. And in my opinion, that is sick and twisted. you wonder why people take their own lives? Think about it.

    • Actually I wouldn’t, unless it was because I sucked every dime out of the place and just stopped paying the mortgage…..

    • Sad that what would cause them to be embarrassed is that their house was being foreclosed on, not that their son is sitting in Cook County Jail on a drug charge.

      Kind of lets you know where the priorities are in that neighborhod…….drugs aren’t an embarrassment and foreclosures are…..maybe the cops should spend more time in Winnetka……

  19. Also a note to “Skeptical”- you are an idiot. do you really think mrs. M would be on this website trying to defend her son?also maybe you should get some facts before you write something about him or his family. or anyone for that matter.
    maybe you need to lay off the dope skepticalman

    • you know who i am bc u stalked me on myspace your freaking pervert leave me alone, and it was me and my friend piss at these low lifes talking crap about mark that we dont wanna see bc you guys dont even no him so unless you do shut up you creepy stalkers

  20. to jasegraves- Why dont you get a real job instead of being an internet blogger. looks like you’ve made it real far in life.

    • Why are you commenting on a blog during working hours…..or don’t you work…yes commenting on a blog makes you far better than someone running one.

      You need a life, or a job, or possibly both.

  21. ok all of you SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. yes i am from winnetka, and YES i am darling. wehave problems BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY. ha! bitches i am marks younger sister BEST FRIEND. this has torn her apart and her having to see all these articles has torn her apart. so you can so you can get your kohls and target dressed asses off the couch and STEP. yeah im wearing coach, its poor people clothes to me. WHATNOWYOULOWLIFES!!!!

    fuck all you,

    • I absolutely feel sorry for his sister, this was not her doing, yet she’s being swept away in the tide. She has a right to be angry, but she should place her anger where it belongs, with her parents and her brother. Their actions are what brought this on her, no one else’s.

      Her parents lost the house somehow and her brother grew the weed. He should have gotten an apartment to do that, because he put everyone at risk. They could have had their house seized.

      Nice, right? Was he thinking about his sister? I don’t think so.

      As for you, 13 and you talk like that? Don’t they teach you manners on the North Shore? They don’t teach you class, that’s for sure…..

      Do they actually take you out in public with that mouth?

  22. wow i was pissed about what happened to my best friend. THEIR PARENTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT I KNOW THEM AND I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT I KNOW THEIR FAMILY THE PARENTS ARE INNOCENT. and how do u know hold old i amm??

    • I not only know how old you are, I know who you are. You should be more careful on the internet.

      • you are a creep who needs to find a productive use of time other that gossiping about others’ lives

      • Gossip generally refers to rumors or private affairs. What I posted was neither a rumor nor a private affair, it was a public record and a news story. The rumors came from people he knows. You would do well to address your comments about rumors where they belong, to the commentators not the poster. Don’t they teach you the finer points of English at Vanderbilt?

  23. There is a old saying “Dont do the crime if you cant do the time” does anyone know that Mark was in the court system already? go to the courthouse and look it up!
    If he had four plant or seventy it doesnt matter its AGAINST THE LAW!
    All you morons who are getting caught up in what town he is from. HE GOT CAUGHT!
    What about his siblings who are caught in the crossfire of this nightmare?
    As for the sisters best friend who is showing her ignorance by writing stupid things, be supportive of your friend and stop being a stereotypical NORTH SHORE BRAT!.
    Just remember this is a person who has been in the court system for the last year for another situation, why does this guy keep making bad choices?

    • I have not had a chance to look up his record, but you are correct, it’s against the law and he got caught.

      I do feel sorry for his sibling (s)? As I said to Mark’s best friend, through no fault of their own, they are caught up in this. It’s not fair to them. But they should be angry with him and not the media for publishing it.

      No one is immune from media attention or the long arm of the law, which in this case, stretched from Wilmette. Did someone trick on him?

  24. For the record – Steve and Constance Fapka never took a mortgage on the Mansheim’s home. They are our next door neighbors at 384 Hawthorn and we live at 390 Hawthorn. Btw – nice people.

  25. 0805933107 02/21/2008 02/28/2008 MORTGAGE $1,500,000.00
    Legal Description
    Secion-Township: 21-42-13
    SubDiv-Condo: LAKESAW#2
    Lot #: 7 Block #: 10 Part of Lot: E
    Secion-Township: 21-42-13
    SubDiv-Condo: LAKESAW#2
    Lot #: VA Block #: 10 Part of Lot:
    Secion-Township: 21-42-13
    SubDiv-Condo: LAKESIW
    Lot #: 8 Block #: 10 Part of Lot: E

    Property Description
    05-21-407-003-0000 UPIN
    05-21-407-004-0000 UPIN

    Name: FAPKA STEVEN J Trust Number:-
    Name: FAPKA CONSTANCE E Trust Number:-

    Well you had something to do with it…..that’s your house and their house, right? That was February of last year. In July of last year, LaSalle filed the foreclosure suit…..seems odd is all

  26. ok screw this say whatever the hell you want to say about me, im a north shore brat WHATEVER ive been called that my whole life. im used to it by now. and i agree with columnword. stop getting into their personal lifes you dont know them. and if your the fapkas that live in the yellow house next to them, stop stareing at their house and closeing all your blinds and shutting them out. they told me about it. you ignorant people

  27. You left your myspace address on the comment, I clicked on your “name” and the page popped up.

    The only reason I mentioned it was to make you more aware of what you do on the internet. Don’t leave your myspace address on the sites of people you don’t know.

    Be safe ok? Mark’s sister is lucky to have you as a friend.

  28. HEY- Why hasn’t anyone responded to my comment?????????????

    • I have not had a chance to look up his record, but you are correct, it’s against the law and he got caught.

      I do feel sorry for his sibling (s)? As I said to Mark’s best friend, through no fault of their own, they are caught up in this. It’s not fair to them. But they should be angry with him and not the media for publishing it.

      No one is immune from media attention or the long arm of the law, which in this case, stretched from Wilmette. Did someone trick on him?

  29. On Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 the police of the prestigious suburb on Winnekta Illinois made a drug bust on a 21 year old male by the name of Mark Manchiem. Police found seventy five marijuana plants, tents for growing, ventilation and irrigation systems. Manchiem was charged with possesion of marijuana, production of marijuana, and intent to distribute marijuana. While it is understood that anyone producing an illegal narcotic should face jail time, it is ridiculous that this individual could potentially serve twenty plus years in prison. American tax payers money is being used to convict this individual and I’m sure an “example” will be made of this person because he is from one of the most prestigious suburbs in the world. The police do have every right to carry out an arrest on this man, but is this just an attempt to make it seem like America is trying to end the war on drugs? Take Mexico for example, everyday innocent women, children, and men are killed due to the extreme violence caused by the Mexican drug trade. There are bombings, shootings, and terrorist attacks due to the trafficking of drugs. The situation is so terrible that in Mexico at one point late last year an overwhelming eighty percent of the citizens of Mexico wanted the death penalty reinstated because people felt that there was no other way to end this violence. Yes, America has commented on this issue and spoke of its concern involving the collapsing country, but what real action has taken place. It seems that America is to scared to get involved with a situation that causes this much violence but they will try to use every extent of the law to bust a harmless pot grower living in arguably the safest neighborhood in America. To me it seems that America is just seducing the public into believing that we are taking a stance on a drug war but are not interested enough to help a country in turmoil because some feel that it isn’t important because this drug war in Mexico does not directly affect them.

    • I agree with you on the futility of the war on drugs, the stupidity of the marijuana laws and our stance on Mexico. But let’s look at some statistics.

      “Although people may think that the Drug War targets drug smugglers and ‘King Pins,’ in 2007, 47.4 percent of the 1,841,182 total arrests for drug abuse violations were for marijuana — a total of 872,720. Of those, 775,137 people were arrested for marijuana possession alone. By contrast in 2000 a total of 734,497 Americans were arrested for marijuana offenses, of which 646,042 were for possession alone.”

      Mark has joined the smaller number of these people, the elite who were arrested for more than possession.

      For decades your little group of neighborhoods known as the North Shore have distributed the best marijuana around, with, I suspect, the expectation that the long arm of the law would not touch them, and if it did, favors were called in and junior came home with no one the wiser. The reason you are outraged, is because one of your own may now have to go through what 1.8 million other Americans must face. And you think he shouldn’t, it’s a stupid law, and it’s not fair.

      Where was your outrage in 2007 for the 1.8 million people who were arrested on various drug charges? There was no outrage. You were immune. You didn’t care about the minority kids whose lives were destroyed by the draconian drug laws, you aren’t outraged until it hits your neighborhood, and your friend. There are millions of people in jail for far less than what mark did. Is it right? No.

      The fact is, only your neighborhood, and those like it across the country, can change these laws, because your parents have the access and can influence our elected officials. They contribute to their campaigns, organize their fundraisers, and have their ear, something the rest of us do not enjoy.

      While you have been enjoying your lives, the rest of us have been fighting this war since Ronald Reagan started it. While kids from your neighborhood have had their records wiped and their charges dropped, with a phone call to the right person, the rest of the country has been languishing in prisons.

      I feel badly for his sister, to an extent his parents, and Mark, because I wouldn’t wish jail on anyone. But until you decide to organize your neighborhood to join the rest of us in the good fight, that’s about where my sympathy level ends.

      And before someone starts accusing me of being jealous of rich people, I grew up in River Forest, so no, I have no such jealousies.

  30. A “harmless pot grower” in one of the most prestigious suburbs lmao!!! Bottom line..
    I find it humerous poeple find the need to bring up all these other situations… Mexico bla bla bla
    “If you always do what you have always done….. you will always get what ya always got….. nothin but pain, suffering and in time the same results x’ 10.

  31. I am very close with Mark and his family. I find it completely ridiculous that such a large number of people are going to sit here and ridicule his and his families character. First of all, none of you know any of them, the background information with this case, or the actual circumstances. I would like to advise all of you that you should probably be more concerned with your own lives and those of your children who are (along with 99% other children) smoking weed also.

  32. im from nt, mark is awesome, legalize it. you dont even know your facts you jasegraves….you dont even know half of the story and you sound like an idiot in this article, and very judgmental….sooo close minded, and like do you have something against kids from nt? grow up and get your personal opinions out of your articles and get some facts retard. and go smoke a bowllllll chill out!! 🙂 it was harmless, he wouldnt ever sell to anyone because he was sketched out of getting caught, only four of them were plants, the rest were basically seeds… and ha river forest, you know new trier is better bitch.

  33. I think you should smoke a few less bowls and you’d find that the facts came from the cops, I approved the comments from readers who disputed the cops facts, because an “irrigation and exhaust system” to them could be just a soaker hose and a fan, who knows.

    As for NT, I could care less about what school you go to, and I didn’t go to OPRF so I don’t care what you think about it either.

    As for being close minded, no I’m not. I wrote this because it’s unusual for NS kids to get busted and end up at County with a public defender instead of a phone call and Get Out of Jail Free Card.

    The funniest thing you wrote is that he wouldn’t sell to anyone because he didn’t want to get caught, but he got caught anyway for something that is perceived as far worse than selling a bag to friends.

    Smooth move on his part.

    Do they teach you life skills of any kind at NT? At the very least, being 21 and all, he should have known the consequences of what he was doing, regardless of what he was doing it for. Whether we agree or not, it’s still illegal.

    And who tricked on him? The person who says they were shorted?

  34. Alright all of you NT people defending Mark. He should feel pretty lucky that weed is the only thing that he was caught with. The kid can’t keep a needle out of his arm. I have to say that I highly doubt his parents are involved though. Knowing his Mom and how high strung she is….. yea no way.

  35. If ya think this is the ONLY kid on the North Shore running a grow/hydroponic farm in his house, you’re NAIVE!!!!!

  36. “Nice, right? Was he thinking about his sister? I don’t think so.
    As for you, 13 and you talk like that? Don’t they teach you manners on the North Shore? They don’t teach you class, that’s for sure…..
    Do they actually take you out in public with that mouth?”

    regarding the above – I am just happy that all you do in your life is blog and you are not an actual reporter. These blogs are supposed to stay anonymous and in no way should you be attempting to figure out the name, personal information or the age of some young girl replying to your so called report – a pure replication of publicized reports with lack of information. I am a NT alumni student who knew Mark and I think it is disgusting how you are ridiculing his family. If you don’t know the facts (clearly since all you did is copy and paste police reports and Lasalle bank info-can you even call that a personal blog?) then stay out of it. As for Marks little sisters friend, as you so creepily stated, she is 13 years old. She is young and while I don’t agree with her language I certainly don’t think it should reflect the North Shore and their education system. She is 13 years old. How old are you? As for class…well, I think she has much more class than you. After all you are attempting to attack a young girl. I think it is time that you eliminate your opinion on this story and stop attempting to ruin the lives of others in order to make yourself/your own life feel better/more important.

  37. First off – “these blogs are supposed to” blogs or anything on the internet aren’t supposed to be anything. They have no rules.

    I clicked on her name and her myspace page came up – she typed that in, not me. Being a responsible individual, I let her know, in case she wasn’t aware, which she apparently wasn’t, that that was the result of her typing that in. Hope fully she will never do that again. The internet is a dangerous place.

    As for copy and pasting police reports, had you read the articles in the newspapers by actual reporters, that’s what they did, with the exception of the local paper which always does a better job than the Times or the Trib.

    And if you think I blog for a living, you are truly living in some alternate reality. The number of people that can make a living doing that are few and far between.

    As for her mouth, her age doesn’t excuse it. I congratulated on her on being a good friend, and she is. It is not a reflection on the educational system in the slightest. I don’t expect schools to teach manners. You learn that at home.

    As for the family being ridiculed, I’m not sure if that is the correct word. But if people don’t want to show up on public places, they shouldn’t commit crimes that are matters of public record.

    • Alchohol was made illegal and than repealed. Is it moral to consume now? Does a “law” not made by “the people” create immoralty. The reason this country was concieved was a distrust in government, I feel bad that our government has fooled you into believing that if theres a law it must automaticly blindly followed.

      The governments job is basic, protect our property, allow the least restrictions on business to promote growth.

      Now law inforcement is a business to get to take your personal possesions without proboble cause.(they take and you pay a percentage of the value they estimate just to get a court date to try to get your possesions back, guilty or not).

      Keep trusting. the government and you’ll be paying

      After I was busted with felony poss of mar. I realized that the law loves child molesters, rapists, thieves, and dirty cops.

      These people don’t make headlines. Drugs are the last scare tactic on the aging public.

      How much time is law enforcement spending on protecting your children, property, returning property, or making sure 99% reoffending child molesters and rapists are watched if they spend 95% of their time and money busting kids growing pot and writing dui’s

      I dare you to research jail time for the above mentioned. you’ll join Norml in a sec.

  38. what’s the update?

  39. milkman we love you, and to all the people who wrote on this sight don’t think we don’t know who you are and don’t think were cummin 😉

  40. Mark Elliot Mansheim passed away this weekend.

  41. Love and miss u mark. c u in the next life. talk to the big guy and save me a spot.

  42. It was not a suicide attempt.

  43. Grew up with Mark’s folks in Colorado; sorry to see it end this way.

  44. it was not suicide.. and to anonymous way earlier who posted ” he can’t keep a needle out of his arm.” YOU ARE AN IDIOT and prolly don’t know shit about him, stop going by what you hear from your loser friends. And finally to Jasegraves this blog should be deleted because every one that has read it, is now dumber for life. one more thing to Nick Davis who sold him that herione (on purpose) and continues to walk free.. walking may not be happenin for you soon my friend 🙂 To the idiot who told police about his plants we know who you are too.. just time my friend , just time..

  45. Used to buy ganj off this kid.. Was hesitant to say that beforehearing the kids dead.. Wow

  46. Ya New Trier! Sad to hear that this happened.

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