Bolivian president Evo Morales calls for legalization of coca

President Evo Morales is launching an international campaign to tout the benefits of the coca leaf and has been lobbying the UN to take it off of the list of prohibited substances.

Cocaine, which used to be an ingredient in Coca-Cola until the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed, is an appetite suppressant, controls altitude sickness and and an energy lift.

Coca-Cola (the cocaine helped give it its name), was originally an elixer as was Dr. Pepper (sans cocaine).

His appeal was in a New York Times editorial entitled Let Me Chew My Coca Leaves.

Note that chewing coca leaves is an ancient tradition for the Andean people dating back to the Incas. In fact its appetite suppression and energy attributes are what allowed the Spaniards to enslave the Inca Indians and cut down on the food they had to give them.

Read about his initiative here.


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