CBS and 60 Minutes tell the truth

On Sunday, January 25, I was surprised to see 60 minutes actually calling the Israelis out on their practices in the West Bank which have been likened to apartheid.

Here is the video

Here is the story where you can comment

Please do. And let CBS know that you want to see more of this type of content which was produced by Robert Anderson. I have a difficult time seeing this country, Israel, as being touted as the “democracy” of the Middle East. There is nothing democratic about taking over these people houses, their lands, and allowing these viral settlers to spew their hatred and continuously disobey their government and international laws.

Perhaps if Israel can’t control the settlers, they should just be prosecuted by the ICC for war crimes. It’s illegal for an occupying army to settle their own people in occupied land and the settler leader seemed clear that they would rebuild, rebuild, rebuild and revolt if anyone tried to dismantle their settlements.

Sorry, just doesn’t seem like a Judeo value.


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