Has Obama’s Briefing Book Feature been hijacked?

I have been on the briefing book section since it opened, before I got the email from Valerie Jarrett. At that time, posts about withdrawing aid from Israel and calling for an immediate ceasefire were near the top of the list. There were many, many posts and a rare comment against the ideas. I could go to the search enginge, type in Israel, and voila – they would all appear.

Today I find that many of those same posts are hard to find. If you type in Israel most posts about the Gaza genocide do not appear – now you must type in Gaza to find them.

More disturbing, many of the posts, particularly those that have over 4000 votes, don’t appear typing in either keyword.

I wrote the following to the transition team regarding disappearing posts:
I have commented on several posts related to the current “conflict” in Gaza and our backing of Israel unconditionally.

On Monday, when this feature was rolled out, these posts could be easily found by typing Israel or Gaza.

Now, when typing Israel, these posts no longer appear, nor do they appear by typing Gaza. They appear only if I go into the section that summarizes what I have been doing.

One in particular is “Hold Israel to the same moral standard that we hold ourselves to.”

Try to find it. Sorry, but until this is corrected and I receive a response, I reserve the right to notify the press (I myself am a freelance journalist) that this process is being subjugated, probably by someone employed by the Obama administration, which of course, defeats the whole point of this exercise.

I would like the search engine fixed. I would like to be able to test it myself after notification that it has been fixed. I would like an internal investigation into what happened to it, and the person responsible fired for subverting democracy.

Thank you,

Julie Segraves

Check for yourselves, those that have contributed or voted. Then write to the transition team (go to the bottom of the page and click on contact).

We must take back our country for our own national security interests.


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