Thanks Hillary

Since Hillary is doing the Republican’s job for them, has still lost the popular vote and most of the states and lags behind in delegates, she has pretty much assured the Democratic party a loss in November.

To satisfy her own ambition and thirst for power and notoriety, she has thrown, not only the Democratic Party under the bus, but has rolled the bus right over the American people.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton and Slick Willy, we may very well be doomed to 100 years in Iraq and 4 more years of failed Bush policies under McCain.

I want to personally thank all of you Hillary Clinton supporters who are completely incapable of understanding just what is at stake here and what Senator Obama can do for this country.

No one who gets into the presidency, at this point in time, will be able to wave a magic wand and make 20+ years of Clinton’s and Bushes’ bad economic policies go away. We will enter a depression as that is inevitable.

The cause of our current economic problem can be traced to Clinton when Rubin repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 allowing this unholy alliance between the investment bankers and the national banks along with the subsequent deregulation of the banking industry, safeguards that had been put in place after the Great Depression to ensure this would NEVER happen again.

The good times under Clinton were a direct result of that deregulation, and the bad times under Bush are the long term result and was exacerbated by Greenspan who could have put safeguards in place from the Federal Reserve side but chose not to.

Now this clueless candidate Clinton wants the very people who brought us this mess to sit on a panel and tell us how to fix it.


What you people fail to understand is that the indifference of the American electorate is what perpetuated this problem. We didn’t pay attention to Washington. We didn’t question what they were doing. We didn’t hold our elected officials to account. We didn’t vote out those that voted against our will. WE DIDN’T EVEN VOTE!!!

What Senator Obama brings to this race, is motivation. Motivating people who never even registered to get involved and vote. He motivated young people as did Bobby Kennedy. He understands that this country will never again become what it once was unless the PEOPLE care, and participate.

Senator Obama laid the blame on US, and he is absolutely right. And he has challenged US to take back our ownership of the country, hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and ACTIVELY demand results.

No one running for president can walk in and put in place all of their plans and strategies and if they think they can they are delusional.

No president can do ANYTHING without the support of Congress and if we truly want pay-to-play politics to end, the willingness of the American people to get involved, write our legislators, have meetings, hold rallies and basically MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD SO LOUD NO ONE IN WASHINGTON CAN IGNORE US if they EVER want to get re-elected, is the only way.

Clinton says she’ll take care of us, as if we are small children. Well we aren’t. We’re adults. And it’s about time act like it by taking personal responsibility for the mess we’re in which is a direct result of our indifference to what’s going on around us.

We need to change the atmosphere and dynamics of the interactions of the electorate and our elected officials. That is what Senator Obama is hoping to achieve and it is the ONLY thing that will save this republic.


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