Libya, now our friend, urges Arab world to help Palestinians

Reuters reported today that Libya’s foreign ministry issued a statement on the latest incursion of the Israelis into Gaza. Basically, instead of tiptoeing around the issue, they called a spade a spade:

“What Israel is doing in Gaza confirms that the so-called peace process in the Middle East is a deliberate ploy to cover up a continuing campaign to wipe out the Palestinian people,” Libya’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“This bloody Israeli campaign had laid bare the reality of the aims of the Zionists and their disdain of the so-called peace initiatives,” the statement, carried by the official news agency Jana, added.

“Libya calls on Arabs to take an urgent position to stop the Zionist machine of mass killing and muster political and material support to rescue the sons of the Palestinian people from this Zionist shoah,” the Libyan ministry said.

“Libya also calls on the international community to shoulder their responsibility to halt this mass killing.”

And that’s about as direct as you can get.


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