Corey’s SXFW School Trip by Julie Segraves – GoFundMe

Corey’s SXFW School Trip

I signed up for this page to help my Godson. He has had some major issues in his family life, and because of these issues, has been struggling financially to complete his college education. He had to take two years off from college because his mother refused to sign the financial aid applications, and he didn’t have enough credit built up to qualify for student loans. Because of this, he couldn’t return to college until he was 24 and qualified as an independent student, but he is years behind his peers.

Yet he has persevered and managed to get a better than 3.0 average in each of the five semesters he has completed.

He attends Columbia College of Chicago and is majoring in Arts, Entertainment and Media management. He has always been passionate about music and its creation, and he has dreamed since high school of being involved in the music business.

He is currently taking a practicum that involves running the student record label at Columbia. The culmination of the practicum is a trip, with the label’s chosen artists, to South by Southwest (SXSW), the music conference and festival that takes place in Austin, Texas each year. This is an excellent opportunity for networking, which is the name of the game in the music industry. He currently manages several artists for the experience and was able to win a small scholarship from the school for utilizing his classes in his chosen career.

However, to go on the trip, there is a course fee of $995 for the conference admission and hotel. This may or may not be covered by financial aid, depending on how much he gets. He must also pay for air fare, which is anywhere from $350 to over $500 from Chicago. He must have a $125 deposit for the hotel by December. He will also need money for meals and getting around Austin to the various venues where artists are playing.

I had my own financial issues and am unable to help him. My job hasn’t given us raises in five years, and I lost a lawsuit which now is garnishing 15% what’s left of my wages.

Anything you could contribute would help, even if only $1. I am doing this to surprise him and to show him that there are good people out there who care about strangers and though a good family is a blessing, a bad family can be overcome.

Thank you all for whatever you can do for him.

via Corey’s SXFW School Trip by Julie Segraves – GoFundMe.

The Occupation of Chicago Continues – More Arrests

The Occupation of Chicago Continues – More Arrests.

Occupy Chicago – The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized

In 1974, Gil Scott-Heron, a “spoken word soul performer,” released the song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” that attempted to get people to wake up, get out of themselves, look at reality and do something to better their lives, other’s lives and America itself. Sadly, Mr. Scott-Heron died in April of this year.

This is dedicated to him, and to those who are in the current struggle – the 99%. I hope he doesn’t mind and I hope he’s proud that his concept lives on in a timeless way.

Based on sign displayed by Occupy Chicago, in front of the Chicago Board of Trade:

The revolution will not be privatized
The revolution will not be brought to you by an offshore call center 2 continents away
The revolution will not show you pictures of Bernake blowing a bugle and
leading a charge by Chase, Citibank and Bank of America
to deposit your money so they can charge more fees
The revolution will not be privatized

The revolution will not be brought to you
by the mainstream media and will not star
Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Oprah or Geraldo
The revolution will not be ‘fair and balanced”
The revolution will not ‘lean forward’
The revolution will not make you a better person because you
ran in a marathon sponsored by Bank of America
Because the revolution will not be privatized, brother

There will be no pictures of peaceful protesters arrested for being in a park,
or activists pushing their supplies down the street to keep moving.
Fox will not be able to predict the winner of the election at 6:32
or report from 45 districts before the polls are closed
The revolution will not be privatized

There will be no pictures of happy traders when the market makes money
There will be pictures of Palestinians dying on Gaza’s streets after Israeli bombing campaigns
There will be no pictures of Hussein being hung or Ghadaffi laying on a slab
There will be no video of Warren Buffet asking to be taxed more
There will be no pictures of Ron Paul being barred from a debate
The revolution will not be privatized

Survivor, the Great Race and Dancing with the Stars
will no longer be so damned relevant
No one will care who survived, who won the race
or who danced the best
because the 99% will be on the street looking for a brighter day
The revolution will not be privatized

There will be no highlights on the 10 o’clock news, ,
no pictures of Michelle Obama at the inaugural ball
with a plug for the designer who whose dress she wore
The theme song will not be controlled by
Sony, A&M, Capital, Columbia, Universal, MCA or Warner Brothers
the revolution will not be privatized

The revolution will not be brought back after a message
from a Gecko, talking babies or cartoon characters.
you will not have to worry about “where the vision gets built,”
‘what’s in your wallet,” “investing with confidence.” or being “world wise.”
The revolution will not put you in “good hands.”
The revolution will give you “the power to help you succeed.”

The revolution will not be privatized
The revolution will not be privatized
The revolution will not be privatized
The revolution will be no outsource, brothers
The revolution will be Made in the USA

Occupy Chicago Protesters Arrested at Grant Park

Occupy Chicago protesters, who for several weeks have been stationed across from the Federal Reserve of Chicago at Jackson and Lasalle, have expanded their protest area and on October 15 took their show on the road to Grant Park. With the exception of the October 10 marches and rally on Michigan and Monroe, organized by several union organizations and advocacy groups, the group has remained mainly at their home base, also the home of several of the institutions against which they are protesting.

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Quinn Kills Legislative Scholarship Program as Unfair, but Ends MAP Grant

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn addresses attendee...

Image via Wikipedia

Governor Pat Quinn is currently warring with Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan over the legislative scholarship program that allows legislators to award residents of their districts two four-year scholarships to public universities each year. The program has been plagued…

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The Occupy Chicago crowd is now in their third week and have not stopped occupying the corner of Jackson and LaSalle yet. With the constant protesters, there is also a constant law enforcement presence, which to the Chicago Police Departmen’s credit, has remained civil, if not sympathetic – but they still have to enforce Chicago’s municipal code.

Chicago’s LaSalle Street version of Wall Street protest grows

While the nation, including the mainstream Chicago news, focuses on the protests against Wall Street in New York City, a protest against Wall Street is growing in Chicago. A group calling themselves Occupy Chicago is busy on Lasalle Street and Jackson Blvd. in front of the Board of Trade building and the Federal Reserve Bank — naturally accompanied by a contingent of the Chicago Police Department and of course, the Federal Reserve Police.

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